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 SJ Green Hydrogen will play an integral role in positioning California's San Joaquin Valley as a hub for green hydrogen (H2) generation, distribution and commercial use in various industries we serve.


Hydrogen Ecosystem

Clean hydrogen (H2) will revolutionize how we use energy in the future. From our cars to our houses and many hard to decarbonize sectors, green (H2) will play a major role in cleaning our environment and creating a sustainable planet for generations to come.

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H2 Fuel cell cars and trucking fleets as well as peak demand power supply will all play a part in the new hydrogen economy.  H2 fueling station development and renewable H2 infrastructure are imperative to the success of our zero emissions goals.

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San Joaquin Green Hydrogen

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Projects in Development

Our flagship project is located in the “wind capital” of the US, Tehachapi, CA. Newly constructed turbines with a capacity of 14 MW will be combined with 6 MW of solar energy to equal a total of 20MW of renewable energy.  The wind and solar energy will be used to split water into clean hydrogen that will be shipped to the industries we serve in throughout the San Joaquin Valley and Southern California. 

Focus on Green Hydrogren

SJ Green Hydrogen’s focus is on commercial and utility scale projects that generate renewable energy to convert water (H2O) into clean-burning hydrogen (H2) and fresh oxygen (O2). We use electrolysis—a well-proven and safe process—to generate energy in the form of green hydrogen.

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Why Kern County, California?

California is the leading producer of renewable energy in the United States and Kern County supplies over 60% of California’s renewable energy—the most of any county in CA.  SJ Green Hydrogen intends to harness these vast renewable resources throughout Kern County and introduce proven hydrogen systems that integrate into the production, storage, and distribution of clean hydrogen throughout California.

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Hydrogen energy may expand Kern's energy portfolio

November 14, 2021

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